• British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course with Wendy Teasdill
  • British Wheel of Yoga Teaching Diploma with Wendy Teasdill
  • British Wheel of Yoga post-diploma qualification 'Yoga for pregnant women' with Wendy Teasdill
  • British Wheel of Yoga post-diploma qualification 'Yoga for children' with Michelle Cheesbrough
  • British Wheel of Yoga post-diploma module 'Meditation and Personal Development Level 1: Calm abiding Shamatha' with Maarten Vermaase
  • British Wheel of Yoga post-graduate module 'Meditation Level 2- Lojong and Vipashyana' with Maarten Vermaase  
  • British Wheel of Yoga post-graduate module 'Meditation Level 3-  Enhancing the practice and eliminating obstacles ' with Maarten Vermaase
  • 'The Progressive Stages of Pranayama and the Hatha Yoga Pradipika' with Maarten Vermaase
  • 'The Art of Viniyoga' with Ranju Roy, Sadhana Mala

Personal journey

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been born at a time when we have access to such wonderful Yoga teachings in the UK. I was very lucky to have had Wendy Teasdill as my teacher who not only guided me through my British Wheel of Yoga Teacher training courses, but generously shared her experience and ability to make Yoga accessible for different body types and conditions. I continued to study with Wendy to teach Yoga to pregnant women and postnatal women with babies. I went on to qualify to teach Yoga to children, and this has become an extremely enjoyable part of my working week. I feel privileged to be starting preschool children as young as 2 on their Yoga journeys. 

 In more recent years I have focused my studies and personal practise on pranayama and meditation. Under the guidance of Maarten Vermaase of Mahasiddha Yoga, Oxford, I have undertaken a progressive journey into meditation leading to my interest in Tibetan Buddhism. Meditation has enriched and deepened all areas of my Yoga practice and teaching.

My work

I have the best job in the world! I have been practising Yoga for over 25 years and teaching Yoga for 12 years. I now teach Yoga to all ages and stages of life, from pregnant women to children, and adults to the elderly. 


I haven't always been a Yoga teacher. I grew up in a ballet school and assisted my mother teaching ballet, tap and modern dance to children throughout my teenage years. Great experience for the future me! I then lost interest in the performing world and developed an interest in the natural world. I took myself off to do a 'BSc Forestry' degree and 'Masters in Research in the Natural Environment', spending time doing fieldwork in far off tropical rain and cloud forests (heaven). Yoga was always there to support me through the studying and working years. Never being one to do just one thing at a time, I got married and started a family just before beginning my Yoga teacher training courses. The pregnancies and children have informed my teaching and Yoga has again supported me through the parenting years. 

With an understanding from my own practice of how deeply beneficial Yoga can be for the body and mind, I enjoy doing my best to share what I have learned and make Yoga accessible for all ages and stages of life.