Glastonbury Avalon Room Class

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Glastonbury Avalon Room Class

Find this venue in the Glastonbury Experience courtyard. 

Avalon Room: Walk into the courtyard beside The Blue Note Cafe, and go up the outside stairs in the left corner of the courtyard in front of you. Walk to the end of the balustrade past the Goddess Temple, and enter the double doors in front of you. The Avalon Room is straight ahead of you when you enter the building. 

Miracles Room: Occasionally this class may be held in The Miracles Room, on the other side of the courtyard. The stairs up to this room are on the right side of the courtyard beside Margaret Kimber shop. Please see term dates section for dates of room changes. 

N.B. both these venues are up a flight of stairs.

AdeleYoga Avalon Room Glastonbury Class

Avalon Room, Glastonbury Experience Courtyard, High street, Glastonbury BA6 9DU

01749 890199