What I can offer


I am a BWY qualified Yoga teacher with 8 years experience of teaching Yoga in schools and pre-schools. I teach during the school day, enrichment weeks, after school clubs and privately. My qualifications include:

  • British Wheel Of Yoga Teaching Diploma
  • British Wheel of Yoga post-graduate 'Teaching Yoga to Children'.
  • Safeguarding qualification
  • I have a rolling DBS certificate

I am available to teach Yoga to children privately or within pre-schools and schools.  If you would like to organise a one off or several sessions of children's Yoga at your setting, please contact me. Yoga can provide children with valuable tools to manage stress and emotions throughout life. I hope that these sessions will sow valuable seeds that will not be forgotten.

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My style


I deliver a fun Yoga session in order to keep children engaged. With young children I use a large number of props and animal firends which they love. My sessions are structured and can be designed to fit in with specific class themes or enrichment weeks. I have a large number of lesson plan ideas on many topics (e.g. health and fitness, the seasons, events and holidays, countries of the world and many more). 

Yoga develops concentration and helps to bring the awareness out of the busy mind into the body. Breathing exrcises can be used to reduce anxiety levels and reduce the impact of stress on the body and mind. Yoga also improves sleep and awareness of our own range of emotional states. As it is a non-competative form of exercises, Yoga boosts self confidence. Yoga also increases a child's sense of wellbeing whilst preparing them to manage themselves through exams and other stressful times. Teachers often notice improvements in behavior.