What should I bring to the Yoga class?

 A Yoga mat, blanket (for relaxation), and any of your personal Yoga  equipment that you like to use (e.g. blocks for sitting, belt etc.).  Bring any necessary medication (e.g. Asthma inhaler).

I don't have any Yoga equipment, can I borrow some?

 Yes you can borrow a mat from me for a few weeks until you purchase your  own. Please let me know in advance if you wish to borrow a mat. I can also provide blocks and belts for those who do not wish to invest in  their own. 

I am not flexible, can I still do Yoga?

 Absolutely yes! Most of us are not naturally flexible. Yoga strengthens  and stretches the body improving your health and wellbeing on the  inside, whether or not you look flexible on the outside.  However, you should be careful about which style of Yoga you choose. There are very strong and fast flowing styles of Yoga that are generally best suited to younger bodies without injuries. It is best to check with the teacher if they will offer modifications when required for any condition that you may have. 

I have an injury / illness, can I talk to you about it before I arrive?

 Yes please give me as much information about your injury as you can. If  you have concerns, please seek advice from your doctor or a health care  professional to advise you whether Yoga is an appropriate form of  exercise for you. It is also helpful to ask your doctor/physio if there  is any type of movement or exercise that should be avoided. 

Do you offer modifications to postures?

Yes. Every class contains a mix of ages, body types, injuries and experience levels. My style of teaching is to offer modifications to poses where necessary to keep people safe and to develop those who can to more advanced versions of asana.